Festivals,  the holy grail for music lovers,the ultimate pilgrimage for free loving hippies, and an excuse to get loose and loud.

But festivals are also home to the weird and wonderful, the backdrop to some seriously bat shit crazy stuff. So we’ve picked out a few of our favourites…

The fence of all fences

When the future of Glastonbury was threatened by free loading fence jumpers, Michael Eavis installed a fence that apparently can be seen by space. Unfortunately, Bono didn’t take the opportunity to confirm this when he spoke with an astronaut from the Pyramid stage during U2’s set in 2011. You had one job Bono.

Lager, lager, lager

A curious crowd gathered to watch a man diving in to a deep pond of water, assuming that he was rescuing his camping essentials like tents and sleeping bags, when in fact he was saving his weekend’s supply of beer. The crowd obviously went wild.LAD.LAD.LAD.


Wasting away

Ever wondered what happens to all that waste?  Let’s just say it gets taken up to a lagoon and there, a fortunate team sift through it, like panning for gold.  Some of the more unusual items found include false teeth and even a false leg. Which means someone got totally legless… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… (ahem.)

Poo girl

In 2009 poo girl got her head stuck in a loo. How you ask? Well she dropped her bag and got stuck in, literally. Come on, we’ve all been there…

A Woodstock wonder

There were rumours that during Woodstock in 1969, 2 women gave birth. However, up until now no one had stepped forward as a Woodstock baby. Shame, because they would be automatically cool. (IT WAS ME IT WAS ME) A woman did however, give birth during last year’s Glastonbury, going in to labour when The Rolling Stones took to the stage. To be fair it was probably one of Mick’s anyway…


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