Look, we hear what you’re saying, how could we possibly improve upon our already-totally-epic food menu.

Seriously, staying sober at a wedding, saying the word ‘Worcestershire’ and getting out of bed in the morning are all SO much easier than improving on the big flavours of our food menu.

But, you know what, against all the odds… We think we’ve managed it.

To prove it, we’re rounding up our brand spanking new food specials that we just know you’re going to love this summer.

Indonesian Panggang Curry

Let’s face it, unless you’re on a particularly frivolous gap yah, you’re probably never had an authentic taste of Indonesia… Until now that is.

Our Indonesian Panggang Curry is your first class ticket to South East Asia, with superbly marinated grilled chicken thigh in our homemade curry sauce, served with lemon sambal rice, coriander and lime. It’s sweet, surprisingly spicy and completely tasty!

Halloumigod That’s Good Burger

We don’t want none unless you’ve got avocado buns… Hun.

If you’ve spent any time on the foodie side of the internet recently, you’ll know all about the adoration for avocados taking place, and we can’t lie, we also have a MASSIVE crush on avocados.

To prove it, we’re introducing our Halloumigod That’s Good burger, featuring delicious buttermilk fried halloumi, vodka salsa, salad, and of course, the star of the show, an avocado bun.

Now, that’s one way to avo great burger (we’re so sorry).

Short Rib & Ale Pie

Even we can admit, when it comes to food, there’s not much better than momma’s homemade cooking.

That’s why we’ve got in contact with your momma, yes, yours, (who you should call by the way ‘cause she misses you), and asked her to share her secrets for our Short Rib & Ale Pie.

The result? Perfectly slow-cooked beef, the lightest puff pastry lid, a choice of delicious trimmings all topped with our rich ale gravy. Thank you momma!

Masala King Burger

We’ve taken India’s favourite spice, garam masala, and combined it with our beef patties to create our soon-to-be-famous Masala King burger. Not only is it the perfect mix of exotic spice and meaty burger, we’ve also thrown away the boring bun and the whole shebang is encased in a beautifully buttery naan bread.

There’s no two ways about it, you need this in and around your mouth immediately.


Do you NEED to try these for yourself?

Of course you do. So check out which specials are available at your local Revolution right here (they vary depending on bar location), then go ahead and book a table and be the very first to try ‘em. Go on, what are you waiting for?  

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