Look, love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t really think of ANY films without a sequel or two coming to mind.

Films and sequels are now as closely associated as classics like fish ‘n’ chips, Ben & Jerry’s, Celine and Dion… Wait. What do you mean that’s one person?!

Anyway, the point is, film sequels are bloody everywhere. We’re fairly sure you need a degree in Advanced Mathematics just to count how many films there are in the Fast & Furious franchise.

So, with this in mind, it’s just a lil’ bit annoying when we have to wait an absolute age until our fav characters return to the big screen. Like, let’s be real, we’re all still waiting for a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, right? Yeah? Oh, okay, just us.

Well, you-who-has-bad-taste-in-film, here’s a list of film sequels that took YEARS to come out. These ones deffo kept us waiting way too long.


Eleven years, Pixar. Eleven bloody years.

Okay, sure, they knocked it out of the ballpark with this brilliant third chapter. But in the time between Toy Story 2 and this sequel, we could have had our own child, raised them, let them watch the first two Toy Storys and then they STILL would have had a few years of waiting.

Pixar, those toys might not age but sadly, animated kids and the dreams of your devoted audience do.


After taking 15 years to return to the runway, everyone’s top pouting protagonist was back.

The sequel to Zoolander was a great chance to see what Eric and the gang had been up to since our fav model learnt to turn left. Which turned out to be not a lot.

But a decade and a half wasn’t enough to dull our love for a well-timed Blue Steel. Even though this sequel probably was – as it was universally accepted as being oh-so shockingly sh*t.


Oh, Bridget.

After teaching us to always check the dress code of a party, and that Granny pants are a-okay, you left our screens for 12 long years. ‘TWAS TOO LONG, Bridge!

To be honest, there was only one way we were able to cope. And that was the fact we watched the original film an average of once every 21 days, over those 12 years, until our bestest bubbly blonde babe came back.


After a TWENTY year gap, Dumb & Dumber To, erm… ‘graced’ our screens.

Seeing as the original film came out before smartphones, selfies and Snapchat, the sequel to Dumb & Dumber was MANY years in the making. And when it did arrive? It wasn’t even funny.

In fact, you probs would have got more LOLs out of an hour and a half of watching your grandparents try to sign in and spend an iTunes voucher. Sorry, Nana.


Choose life. Choose to be addicted to the original film. Choose to wait 21 years for a sequel.

That’s right, 21 whole years. After waiting more than two decades for the boys to come back, or rather, come down, on our screens again, Trainspotting 2 was easily one of the most hyped films of the last few years. And too bloody right, as it was totally brill.

We laughed. We cried. And then we thanked the bloody Lord once more that we haven’t got a mate like Begbie.


The Force will be with you, always.

And it’s a good job the Force is there always, considering there was a 32-year gap after the original trilogy and a ten-year break from the prequels.

Obvs though, being Star Wars, the film was a massive hit, regardless of the wait, as the Force finally decided to wake up. Although the Force probs could have done with an alarm clock tbh.

Okay, so these film sequels were quite a few years in the making, but that’s nothing compared to our brand new drinks menu.

After teaming up with Ketel One and its super premium vodka, we’re bringing YOU a menu that’s been 325 YEARS in the making.

We’re sure you’ll agree, that’s like, ages.

Go check out the menu to see what all the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed. Not like Dumb & Dumber disappointed – no way.

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