We bet you don’t have a clue why we have pancake day, do you?

To be fair, neither do we. And that’s because it’s a stupid question.
What we have to be asking is this – why the hell isn’t it pancake day every day!?

They’re delicious, and you can even have fun flipping them whilst frying them up. Try that with a french onion soup – see what happens.

In fact, pancakes are such a flipping good idea that we decided to write an article about a few other flipping awesome ideas that are currently blowing everyone’s mind. Read on!


Okay what – this is a thing now? When people think of the future, they think of hoverboards, and now hoverboards are here. That’s insane. What next, eh, TV’s you can roll up like a newspaper?

Roll-Up TV’s

Oh. Okay, I guess that’s a thing too now. That’s about as awesome as it gets really – now we can eat our pancakes on a dinner mat that’s made from a TV. That sentence should be a joke, but we’re living in a world where that will actually happen. Weird. But cool, right?

Zoolander 2

This is about as flipping awesome as it gets. In this sequel, all of the world’s most beautiful people (including Justin Bieber) are being systematically assassinated, and it’s up to Derek Zoolander to save them using nothing but his good looks. Best. Premise. Ever.

Kanye West’s New Album

The worst thing about Kanye West isn’t his increasingly bizarre antics and outrageous sense of self-worth – it’s the fact that his music is actually as good as he thinks it is. His new album Waves is out on the 11th of February, and annoyingly, it’ll probably be another flippin’ masterpiece.


What is a freakshake, you ask? It’s just a fun word for when you get milk and add in about 50,000 calories worth of amazingly delicious things, so a bit like pancakes you can drink.
Ever since Patissez bakery in Australia started doing them, they’ve taken the world by storm, with storeowners in New York and London having a go at it as well.

The Return of Joey (kind of)!

Who would have thought that Matt Leblanc would be a regular on your screens once again? Okay, so it’s Top Gear and not exactly the role we’d like to see him in again, but if you’re really eager for more Friends you could just pretend that Joey gave up acting, fell in love with cars and made some new buddies, right?

Drone Racing

Let’s be honest – drones might look like fancy war machines, but they’re really just Scalextric for grown-ups. That doesn’t take away how awesome they are, as this video goes to show. It’s like real life Star Wars – just miniature and no one loses any hands.

There was some pretty cool stuff on that list. But we’ve got to be honest – you can make a TV that you can fold up into a paper aeroplane, and it still won’t be as good as a pancake.

Oh, we nearly forgot. There is one last item on this list that actually has the potential to one-up the pancake. It’s something of our own invention, and it’s totally revolutionary.

We call it….

The Revolution Savoury Pancake


You won’t believe how we’ve totally changed the pancake game.

Here’s what we did. We got a normal pancake recipe – we threw out the milk and eggs, swapped vegetable oil for olive oil, and even threw in a bit of yeast. Then we baked it on a stone. Crazy right?

What we ended up with was a crunchy, chewy pancake that’s simply perfection. One gorgeous layer of tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni later, and there you have it – The Revolution Savoury Pancake. It’s crazy how smart we are sometimes.

They’re so good, we even put together a whole range of them – check them out here!

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