We’ve put together a list of the weirdest food festivals out there. Be warned this is some seriously weird shit.

1. RoadKill Grill

The RoadKill Grill cook-off gives visitors the opportunity to sample a wide range of dishes, each freshly peeled from the nearest road. The festival is held in West Virginia in September. If you’ve ever wanted to sample squished squirrel gravy over biscuits or trampled teriyaki-marinated bear, you know where to go. Weirdest. Festival. Ever.

road kill

2. Monkey Buffet

The Monkey Buffet takes place annually in Lopburi province, north of Bangkok, Thailand. A troop of monkeys receive an extensive lunch buffet at the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple. Yes it’s probably just a ploy to get the tourists in but MONKEYS at a BUFFET? We’re sold!

monkey festival

3. Testicle Festival

The annual Testicle Festival takes place at the end of July in Montana. It’s a strictly adults-only affair, and although the festivities revolve around the theme of eating bull’s balls, or ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’, visitors are also treated to oil wrestling, wet t-shirt competitions and a load of nudity; ‘No Panty Wednesday’ sees punters offered a free drink in exchange for their underwear. We did warn you this list would be weird!

Testicle festival

4. Chinchilla Melon Festival

You’ve never heard of the town Chinchilla? But it’s the melon capital of Australia! And the only way to celebrate this is with a festival dedicated to those fruity giant balls with activities such as melon skiing, melon iron man, melon bungee, melon bullseye, pip spitting and melon tossing. Basically the olympics… with melons.


5. La Tomatina

La Tomatina takes place every year, on the last Wednesday of August, in the town of Bunol. It’s basically a huge brawl… with tomatoes. Apparently the festival began back in 1945 during a parade of the “Little Rabbit” when some naughty little animals started eating all the watermelons so the people at the parade threw tomatoes; one missed the innocent rabbit target and hit a person. And so the mayhem began! This story sounds pretty made up to us but we’re still booking our flights as we speak!

La Tomatina

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