Getting a bit bored of your Twitter feed? Same old people saying the same old things. Here are our top picks of the funniest Twitter accounts that you NEED in your life.


The most accidentally hilarious people in our lives… Mums. This Twitter account shares texts from a guy’s mum since she discovered the revolutionary SMS. Expect constant capitals, very little punctuation and lots of inane food references. It’s funny because you can imagine EVERYONE’S mum doing the same. We just wish we’d thought of it first!


Everyone’s heard of Grumpy Cat but if you’re not following @mysadcat you are seriously missing out. This pensive furry friend is frequently found reflecting on life and looking longingly through windows. He is one seriously sad cat.


The only thing funnier than mums and cats? Kids. This selection of cute yet unnerving things overheard on a school playground is sure to have you lolling. Kids are weird as shit. But we love it.


Did you think you were hilariously quirky? Fun loving? Maybe even a little bit spunky? Think again. Your tweets are just like everyone else’s and this Twitter account proves it.


Everyone’s got those Facebook “friends” who come out with unbelievably stupid things complete with pretty incredible grammar and spelling mistakes. Well now they’re all on Twitter. We just don’t know how these people function in daily life.


We can’t get enough of this. Ordinary inanimate objects with faces. What’s not to love?

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