You’re average, aren’t you?

Sorry to break it to you. We know it’s hard to swallow, but the first step in overcoming a problem is admitting you have one in the first place.

So, now that we’ve broken the news to you, let’s get to work on making you into something special.

It’s really easy. We promise.

Here’s are a few ways that you can give yourself a legendary overhaul in 1 minute.

Get ripped, quick

When you picture a legend, what do you see?

Our guess is someone strong, in peak physical condition. That’s where you need to be.

Unfortunately, getting there requires sustained dedication and hard work, and you don’t have that kind of time.

Grab a can of spray paint that’s slightly darker than your skin colour, and carefully spray on a six pack. Hopefully, someone who’s terribly short sighted will walk by and be impressed by your rippling, Godlike abs.

Buy a legendary round in

Picture this.

You’re sat in a bar with your mates. All of sudden, you call over the waiter and confidently order something that blows everyone’s mind.

‘Waiter, get a round of Mojitos for EVERYONE in the room’

It takes 10 seconds to do, but from that moment, no one will doubt your legendary status.

Well, at least until the second your card is declined.

Do something really, really stupid

For some reason, people are often considered legends after they do something insanely reckless with no consideration of the consequences.

It’s strange, but true.

Go for it. Get the lyrics to Hotline Bling tattooed ironically tattooed across your chest. For 10 minutes afterwards, people will refer to you as an ‘absolute legend’ (probably before referring to you as ‘a bit genuinely mental’ to other people in private later on).

Do something really, really cool

Okay, so this one takes a bit of practice.

Here are the steps to learning the moonwalk.

It’s actually not as hard to do as you’d think, and with a bit of practice you’ll actually be able to nail it.

Whip that out next time you hit the dancefloor and you’ll literally become an instant legend.

Or you’ll cock it up and it’ll be really, really embarrassing. But a true legend would take the risk, right?!

Get a Revolution Card

Okay, we’ll admit it. So all of those other options aren’t guaranteed, responsible or even remotely sensible ways to become a legend.

However, we do have a suggestion that’ll actually make you feel legendary instantly.

Click here and buy a Revolution Card. It’ll get you loads of epic and exclusive offers, discounts and deals on food and drink across all of our bars.

We’re talking about 2-4-1 cocktails, 25% off food and loads, loads more.

Go on. Get legendary quickly with a Revolution Card.

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