Our new food menu is proof that when it comes to flavour, bigger really is better.

But we’re not alone in that. It’s been proven time and time again by some of the greatest individuals of our generation that having massive taste is only ever a good thing.

Want proof? Check this out.


When the king of pop had a liking for something, he wouldn’t hold back for anybody. Here’s some MJ logic for you: have a fondness for Peter Pan? THEN BUILD NEVERLAND IN YOUR BACK GARDEN.

See? Having massive tastes has never made anyone look weird.

Oh, wait… okay, maybe MJ was an exception.

But how about….


Can a member of Public Enemy ever be wrong? If he has massive taste, then EVERYONE else should do.

A crown? Interesting. Yeah – maybe that’s too far, but each to their own, right?

So, Flavor Flav has his own (weird and tacky) thing going on, and that’s fine. But when it comes to style, no one can deny the next possessor of massive tastes has got it in heaps…


We dare someone to defy us here. Prince is the undeniable superfreak of cool, and his massive tastes are arguably the biggest on the planet.

Check him out here, rocking whatever the hell he wants apparently.

Yeah – who can deny that dressing up like a cross between Beethoven and the Joker is in great taste? A lot of people, probably.

Moving on.


Justin Bieber has become nothing less than a cultural phenomenon, and that doesn’t happen unless you’re born with an insanely huge taste for fashion. See?

Because that hairstyle was TOTALLY in at one point. Right?

Okay, forget it.

Maybe we need to get out the big guns to prove our point. Here’s the ultimate purveyor of massive tastes….


Is anyone going to dispute this?

Epic voice. Huge dance moves. Larger than life music videos. Earth-shaking live performances.

Finally. Solid proof that massive tastes are always better (as long as you’ve got good taste to start with).

That’s why our new food menu is so awesome. Our chefs are some of the best in the business, and they’ve put together a delicious menu bursting with flavours of massive proportions.

We reckon it’s a little less Flava Flav, and a little more Beyonce. Check it out here.

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