It’s the morning after the night before. You’re in a bad way. Thankfully, the primitive instincts kick in.You might not be able to master putting your shoes on the right feet but making that bacon and egg butty, you could do that blindfolded. One mouthful and life is already looking up. But imagine if your go-to hangover quick-fix was one of these crazy “cures.” The thought of it makes us shudder.


Poles down a glass of brine from sour pickles.  The only sour thing we can handle is an amaretto sour.


These crazy kids bravely swallow a nice cup of pickled sheep eye balls with tomato juice. Mmm juicy.


Now this is taking hair of the dog to a whole new extreme. But  Namibians drink a killer concoction known as “Bull’s milk” involving clotted cream, dark rum, spiced rum cream liquer and whole cream. So that’s where the saying strong as a bull comes from!


Brace yourself guys and no it’s not  a big slice of greasy pizza. Apparently dried bull penis  used to be the go-to-cure. We think this can only have one result. And it ain’t good.


Cowboys apparently used to swear by rabbit poo tea. Resourceful but we’ll stick to a PG tips thanks.

Tried all of the above and still feeling like this guy?

Our Chipotle Pulled Pork Denver Fries will sort you right out…

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