Why should Hollywood stars have all the glamour, glitz and fun of an Oscar party?

Sure, they are quite talented. Okay, they do bring to life some of our best-loved characters and like whatever, yeah, they’re all insanely attractive.

But you know, we could all be A-list if we wanted too, right?

Yeah… definitely.

To boost those credentials of yours, we’re letting you in on how to throw your very own red carpet-worthy Oscars bash. Read on, and your pad’ll be the place to be on the glitziest night of the year. Just make sure to thank us in your acceptance speech.

You’re cordially invited

Look, this isn’t just one of your mates’ birthday parties. The invitations matter. A Whatsapp group isn’t going to cut it and don’t even think about creating a Facebook event either.

To get the crème de le crème of your friends in attendance, the invites need to be gold, embossed and preferably hand-delivered by some hottie wearing a tuxedo. That’s how you invite in style.

Suit up

Speaking of tuxedos, your Oscar party needs a strict dress code.

Without a dress code in place, you can fully expect that one friend to turn up in their dressing gown, expecting a ‘chill’ evening of friendly banter and gossiping. Not tonight. This is not the Golden Globes.

Instead, declare this a black tie event, with tuxedos and formal gowns only. Then, hire a bouncer (your dad will do) to keep out all the average-looking-people-named-James-who-thought-they-could-get-away-with-just-jeans from entering the building.

Practice your red carpet pose

Let’s be honest, it’s not really an Oscars party without a red carpet. It’s like one of the best parts of the Oscars, second only to somebody spectacularly falling whilst trying to collect their award (looking at you, JLaw).

But we realise getting a red carpet isn’t the easiest or cheapest thing to obtain. So, feel free to get a cheap rug or alternatively, just use your very tall ex’s red fleece that you were meant to give back.

Now get struttin’.

Get the nibbles right

Sure, it’s the Oscars, so popcorn makes sense. Only, this isn’t just any ol’ Oscars party. Take it from us, popcorn isn’t going to make your party, err… pop.

For your party to be award-winning, it needs Oscar-inspired hors d’oeurves.

Think Leo di Carpaccio, La La Lasagne, or even Brie Larson brie. Get creative, and your guests will soon get ‘grammin. And you, my party-throwing friend, will soon be Insta famous.

And the Oscar goes to…

Now, let’s be real, nobody is on the edge of their seat to see who wins the Oscar for Best Sound Mixing.

Instead, during all the boring gongs, why not award your own personal Oscar statuettes to your unsuspecting guests?

How about the arrived-on-time-for-once award? Or the Oscar for talked-through-somebody’s-entire-speech? And let’s not forget the recent but renowned Lifetime Achievement Award for most-time-spent-looking-at-your-phone-ignoring-everybody-else-in-the-room.

No champagne, no gain

Sure, you could just get loads of that budget vodka that is meant to sound Russian but is really distilled in Bolton but… it’s not very A-list. In fact, it’s not even C-list.

You’ve come so far. Don’t skimp out now. Instead, get your guests a drink befitting of the evening by busting the bubbles out. Mix a champagne cocktail in a punch bowl to really get the party started. And to really add an award-winning touch, hire a couple of waiters to serve… that’s in your budget, right?


Needing some inspo for that champers cocktail? Our drinks menu is the perfect script for a good time, so check it out!

And when the bubbly eventually runs out (believe us it will), grab your friends, the bouncer and even the waiters and get yourself down to your nearest Revolution. We’ll continue the glitz, add some liquid glamour and double the fun. Tada!

Get your party started
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