There are very few things in life that everybody loves.

Bubble wrap? Maybe. Your boss letting you leave early? Sure. That thing when you lock your friend out the car and pretend to drive away? Most definitely.

But if there’s one thing that beats ALL this good stuff – it’s getting a really good deal.

And the best way to do that? Well, say hello friends, to a little thing we like to call the Revolution Card.

What IS the Revolution Card?

The Revolution Card gives you access to a WORLD of fantastic food and drinks offers, plus over £100 worth of vouchers when you register your card online.

For just £4, you get 2-4-1 cocktails, 25% off food and discounts on your favourite drinks brands, all year round.

It’s by far the best way to save money while you’re making sweet memories, and the perfect privilege card for people who love to party.

Oh, and did we mention it even comes with a super funky pair of FREE PANTS too.

What food offers do I get?

The Revolution Card gets you 25% off your food bill, no matter how much you’ve ordered. Because everything tastes better with money off, right?

What drinks offers do I get?

Because you can basically use your Revolution Card whenever you like, we’ve included loads of different drinks offers from all your favourite brands.

From pints to party starters, like our Handcrafted Flavour shots and sticks, there’s LOADS for you to sink your teeth into. Or just sink. Without the teeth.

Here’s the full list if you’re interested (which you definitely are). Get discounts on:

  • 2-4-1 selected cocktails (or £4.50 each, if you’re in Scotland)
  • Pints of Amstel & Mahou
  • Ketel One & Mixer (or house spirit & mixer if you’re in our Fallowfield bar)
  • Hooch Lemon
  • Sharing Pitchers
  • Six Shot Sticks (or single Flavour shots in Scotland)
  • Pints of Magners
  • Crooked Alcoholic Soda

Where can I use it?

You can use your Revolution Card in ANY Revolution bar – it’s not limited to the bar you bought it in.

You can also use it ALL day EVERY day in England and Wales – just not after 9pm on a Saturday night. But hey, let’s face it, you’re usually too busy gettin’ turnt up to worry about your bank balance then anyway, right?

What offers do I get in Scotland?

In Scotland, the Revolution Card gets you £4.50 selected cocktails and 25% off food. The drinks offers are mostly the same, apart from the six shot stick offer -which is replaced by a single Handcrafted Flavour shot for the bargain price of £1.50!

You can also use your Revolution Card at slightly different times in Scotland. It’s valid all day, Tuesday – Friday.

Why should I register my card?

By registering your card online, you’ll ALSO receive over £100 worth of incredible vouchers! This only applies if you’ve bought your card in bar – buy online and we’ll register it for you.

Is it a student card?

The Revolution Card is actually not a student card – as in, you don’t have to be a student to get one.

While a Revolution Card is like a student card, in that it gives you super duper discounts and fabulous money-saving, it’s actually available for EVERYBODY to buy. Heck, you could even get one for your 89-year-old granny’s birthday present – if she likes to guzzle booze and party, that is.

Where can I buy a Revolution Card?

You can buy a Revolution Card in ANY bar, or on the website from our Revolution Card page.

Don’t forget that when you buy online, we’ll register your card for you. That way, you can bag all of those brilliant extra vouchers without bothering to fill at a form at a later date!

Once you’ve got yourself a Revolution Card, tell your besties to grab theirs and book a table. Then, let the super duper money-saving fun times begin!

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