Tea and coffee are basic. There we said it. And there’s a million other (more alcoholic) drinks out there we’d rather, well, drink.

But for many of us, a hot cuppa joe is more than just a warming morning beverage – it’s face-the-day fuel that we just can’t function without. And although we do try to jazz shizz up with caramel macchiatos and pumpkin spiced lattes, sadly, we’re doing it wrong.

The rest of the world, however, fully slays when it comes to winter warmers. From hot toddies to Tibet’s yak butter tea, here’s a list of totally weird hot drinks you’ve probs never even heard of.


Tibet’s Yak Butter Tea

Made from real bits of yak. We had to kick off with this salty, tangy, taste-revelation, but actually it’s borderline rancid. Unfortunately, when you drink yak butter tea, it’s tradition for the host refill your bowl (eek!) back up to the brim, so your sticky, buttery beverage is never-ending. Bugger.


Caribou in Canada

Named after the reindeer, but free from any added animal bits. This one beats the butter anyway, as it’s affectionately known by Canadians as liquid sunshine. Caribou is Québec’s favourite outdoor party drink, perfect for fighting off the cold. A mix of vodka, brandy, sherry and port… That must be some seriously pumpin’ party.


Japan’s Matcha

The tea that’ll turn you on. Rich in colour with a distinct flavour to match, this is a green tea brewed from a delicate, stone-ground powder, Matcha. Matcha itself is said to be calming, calorie-burning and great for boosting memory, concentration and one’s libido. Recently got yourself a matcha on Tinder? This is the tea for you.


A Proper Hot Toddy in Ireland

We had to include the ol’ faithful, because your drunk old aunt was right – these babies fix everything. A hot toddy is really something that’s a bit basic, but adds booze to make itself better, which we can totally relate to. It’s lemony, sweet, and has hoochy superpowers. Now where do we sign up?


Oliang from Thailand

Otherwise known as Thai iced-corn-soya bean-sesame coffee. But that’s a bit of a mouthful. Oliang has made the cut not thanks to its flavour, but because it’s brewed in a coffee sock. Wth is a coffee sock? It’s basically a big warm bag, full of nice creamy steamy coffee. And we kind of want to get one. And get in it. And live there.


So it’s settled. Tea and coffee are for basic bitches. But to get your hands on any of these, you’d have to travel halfway around the world (or just jump on a Ryanair, whatever).

If you want to stay a little closer to home, we’ve got the answer – just have a cocktail instead. Why? Because cocktails give us life.

Come on in out the cold and join us. We promise to warm you up ‘til your hot, hot hot, quicker than you can say ‘gotcha some matcha’.


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