If there’s one thing you can count on work Christmas parties to deliver, it’s clichés.

It doesn’t matter how original you try to be about it, the same things seem to happen every time.

Read on, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

The one who really doesn’t want to be there


Yawning at only 8pm, there’s always that one person who’ll be constantly dragging their feet throughout night.

Given just half a chance, they’ll always find a way to leave the Christmas party without even sparking up the small talk.

The one with the word vomit


Quite often, alcohol does bring out how we really feel about each other.

So, the combination of colleagues and alcohol can often be a bit too much for one or two of the guests (almost always the office big-mouth that everyone hates anyway).

Do the right thing and tell them to put down the Baileys before they start to offend the managing director.

The one who won’t put their phone away


We’re really referring to those people who are constantly taking photos to make it look as if they’re having a great time.

The morning after the night before, you’ll be tagged in a series of background photos that you have no idea about, scoffing mince pies and looking delightful.

The one who’s always singing


Yep, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get someone who once auditioned for the X Factor, got rejected at the first hurdle, but still claim they were too good for it.

Well, if you do, then karaoke is not really an option. By requesting 5 songs in a row, and showcasing just exactly what Simon Cowell missed out, their bum notes and high pitched screeches will be enough to leave anyone in tears.

The one who is the Michael Jackson wannabe


There’s always one that throws shapes on the dance floor that puts your Dad to shame. You will never know whether to watch in horror or join in.

The one who gives the heartfelt speech


Grab a glass of champagne because this speech is going to be a long one. The boss is on a roll! You’ll definitely be told about how much they care about the colleagues and the progression that’s been made over the year.

Phrases such as “team effort” and “getting through the hard times” are usually said in these types of speeches, making you grit your teeth when you consider you’re complete lack of pay rise in the last few “incredibly successful” months. Grrr.

The one who’s always up for a laugh


Come on, we’ve all done it. Nothing says, “I’m getting drunk and I want people to know it” by putting your tie around your head or wearing something silly.

You’ll cringe at the first person doing it and then, of course, you’ll join in.

So, how many Christmas party clichés have you experienced?

Well, it’s about time you avoided those Christmas clichés and book a party with us. After all ,our Christmas parties are completely cliché-free.

And did we tell you how much we love you? Definitely not the mulled wine talking…

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