What is a festival other than a garden party that got a bit out of hand?

Good music. Loads of people. Loads and loads of booze. That’s basically a recipe for Glastonbury.

So the real question is, why aren’t you organising one yourself right now? Now that we’ve put together this handy guide, you’ve really got no excuse.


It doesn’t need to be a 20-acre field. You just need a space where you can make a bit of noise and no one will have a go at you for it.

Look at Leefest for example. It’s now a 4500 capacity festival, but it started in Lee Denny’s back garden one weekend when his parents went away.

If you have access to a 20-acre field, then go for it. Or be prepared to really piss off your ‘rents in a shameless betrayal of their trust in you.


So we’re guessing you’ve not got the budget to book The Last Shadow Puppets, but that’s cool.

After all, all you’ve got to provide is a place to party and some music to dance along to.

Book some decent unsigned acts who are loud and fun. If they have a indie name like The (Insert something random)-ettes then you’re onto a winner.


Make sure people know that even though it’s a festival, it’s not going to be a £7 a pint affair.

It’s got to feel like a house party turned up to 11, and like all good house parties, it’s got to be built upon a BYOB alcohol policy.


Now here is probably the hardest part of starting up a festival – making it feel cool.

It’s the only way you’re going to get people you don’t know to come. So how do you do it?

Maybe save up a bit of money and try to book an established, up-and-coming band who will attract some intimidatingly cool hipsters.

Or maybe reach out to the most boho, edgy people you know and beg them to come.
Whatever you do, this part is essential. You don’t want to invite a cool as f*** band to play for just you and your awkward mates.


Don’t mess this part up.

It’s the difference between your event being hot or not.

Call it the Weymouth Hard Rock Fest, and you’ll be lucky to have a few dads turn up in your garden wearing their old leather, hoping to feel young once again.

Call it something like Weystock or Acid Town, or something a little more edgy and weird, and you’ll have a better chance of flower-haired bohemians turning up ready to have a proper party.

What are you waiting for?

With this guide, your dream of setting up the next Glastonbury is only a matter of effort. Go for it, and it’ll be a total hit.

Or not. Who knows. We’re not organising it for you. This is on you.

For more wise words on how to party properly, and loads of other fun/silly stuff too, check out what else is on our blog. It’ll blow your tiny little mind.


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