This weekend marks the final bank holiday of the year. The final hurrah. An end to this complete washout of a summer. Soon it’ll be winter, so grab this fleeting opportunity for a big summer weekend with both hands and hold on tightly… because it’s probably going to rain.

Remember, we’ve got lots planned for this Big Weekend at Revolution.

Here’s how to prepare, and more importantly enjoy, a British bank holiday:



If at any point this weekend it’s sunny then the chance to have a BBQ must be seized upon. Don’t waste your time trying to clean the actual BBQ you have, there’s simply no time for that. Get to Tesco and pick up two disposable one’s, and be QUICK about it. This is one of those occasions when having a friend who can drive really pays off.

How to prepare: Tell your friend with a car he’s on call this week for any possible BBQ weather.

Plan Your Weekend


On normal weekends, the choice is simple. You either go out on Friday or wait patiently until Saturday. But on a bank holiday weekend the possibilities are endless, just remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

How to prepare: Find out who’s free and book a table with your mates for our Big Weekend.

No Half Measures

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Remember that bit in Breaking Bad when Mike said to Walt, “I chose a half measure, when I should have gone all the way. I’ll never make that mistake again”. That’s what you’ll sound like on Tuesday if you waste this bank holiday weekend.

How to prepare: No half measures this weekend. Go big or go home.

Avoid The Fear


It’s Monday night, the Bank Holiday is in it’s final stages and that same old ‘I have work tomorrow’ feeling is rearing it’s ugly head. Fear not though because tomorrow is Tuesday, a whole day closer to Friday than your usual first day back at work and that’s inherently better.

How to prepare: Order a takeaway, put on Netflix and forget about work until your alarm goes off. Ignorance is bliss.

Let us know your plans for the weekend by tweeting us @RevolutionBars.

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