So you’ve got your Christmas money and you’re ready to spend big in the January sales. Just wait right there, partner! Before you head out into the high street, we’ve got a few pointers that will make sure your haul doesn’t end up languishing in the wardrobe for the rest of the year.

Make a plan


Just grabbing loads of things because they look like a bargain is a BAD idea. You’ll get them home, ask yourself ‘what was I thinking?’ and then cry for the next four hours. Instead, have a clear idea of a few key pieces that you really want and focus your efforts on them.

Start early


As the old saying goes, ‘the early bird catches the worm’. And while it would just be weird (and gross) to go shopping for worms in the sales, you really will get the best stuff if you start early. The shelves will be restocked and there is sure to be less people around. Or at least older people, who are generally easier to push out of the way.

If in doubt stay classic


So that 90s inspired oversize mustard check shirt might look like an absolute steal in the shop but, trust us, you’re probably never going to wear it. Grab yourself a staple item instead, your pennies will go much further. While we’re here, put down that black lipstick. Please.

Try it on


Just because you’re a size 12 and the label says size 12, it don’t mean NOTHING. Seriously, sizing can vary hugely and with sale items you might find that if you return them on a later date the value will have dropped. So do yourself a favour and try before you buy.

Take regular breaks and stay fuelled up


Getting yourself into a frenzy with bags, queues and dressing rooms can all take its toll. So, make sure that you relax and take some time out. And with 50% off all food when you book in advance what better place to do that than at your local Revolution?

Shopping, a tasty bite to eat and a cheeky cocktail. Now THAT’S how to do the sales.

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