It’s time to become an adult. To do adult things like put the empty toilet roll in the bin, and say adult words like “loans.” But there’s certain rules you need to follow to make it out the other side alive.

But keep it together. We’ve got your back.

1. Don’t get worked up because every other university has amazing acts playing and you’ve not even got the whole of 5ive.

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2. Don’t go mental over milk. You’ll be wanting best friends, promising to share secrets, your pasta and even milk. So when you find your milk half empty, don’t lose your shit.


3. Don’t drunkenly decide to put a traffic cone on the roof of a bus stop. Haven’t you seen this video?

4. Don’t commit to a second year house straight away. You’ll probably spend the rest of this term shaking off that weird “fresher friend” you made.


5. Beware of the poster fair. Have you even watched Pulp Fiction? Do you even know who The Smiths are?

6. Don’t be ‘that guy’ during Freshers’ that everyone talks about. You’ve got 3 years with these people and that’s a lot of hiding behind cars, book shelves and trees.

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7. Don’t over do the gap year chat.

8. Always look for bargains. (There’s one right here: the Revolution card)

You’ll get exceptional deals on the finest food, jaw dropping deals on beer, wine and cocktails and free pants!

IT’S A BIG DEAL. Buy yours here.

9. Don’t just dance, move the world and get the rep you deserve.

10. Don’t worry if you don’t meet a potential BFF. You’ve got plenty of time to find the one.


11. Go to the societies fair and don’t just come back with a free Domino’s pizza.

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12. You CAN lie in a game of “I’ve never.” You are not on oath

13. Get ready for freshers’ flu. It’s unavoidable. Oranges and Berocca at the ready.

giphy (3)

14. Take the library tour. Referencing is a real thing that you’ll have to do. And so are library fines.

giphy (1)

15. You might get home sick. But don’t talk about it, or worse, cry.

giphy (2)

16. Have the following responses ready: name, degree course, school.

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