Your eyes meet across a crowded bar. There’s an instant attraction. They offer to buy you a drink. It’s love at first sight. You’re soul mates. Your life flashes before your eyes like a montage from a rom-com. This is it.

Screw that. You both think the other’s fit and that’s all there is to it.

But there’s a crucial decision to make here.

Which drink do you choose? Sometimes a pint just doesn’t pack the same punch as a cocktail. What you need is a drink that says “I kinda like you, in that special way” and not ” OMG I freakin’ love you, let’s get married and live on a farm”.

Well, fear not. Cocktails are our thing. So here’s a few which just might help you pull that special someone on Valentine’s Day if you’re planning a cocktail night of your own.

And because we love you, we’re even giving away our trade secrets (but shhhh don’t tell anyone).

Absolut Passion


This cocktail gets its name from our passion for vodka (and maybe also the passion fruit). Show your sexy side by knocking up this fruity feast. And it’s so easy to make that you’ll even have time for other things… like cooking up a storm in the kitchen (What else did you think we meant, you filthy things?!)

25ml Absolut Mango Vodka
25ml Malibu Rum
12.5ml Cointreau
12.5ml Lemon Purée
12.5ml Passion Fruit Purée
Top with apple juice

Step1: Add the lemon and passion fruit purées with the Absolute Mango and Malibu in to a glass of  ice and top with apple juice.

Step 2: Shake what yo’ mamma gave you and serve over crushed ice.

The Honeyberry Sour


The sweetest sour you’ll ever taste. Sweet, but certainly not innocent. Just like you, you little minx.

37.5ml Krupnik
12.5ml Chambord
25ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Gomme
25 ml Egg white

Step 1: Place spring into Boston glass
Step 2: Add lemon juice
Step 3: Add egg white
Step 4: Add Gomme
Step 5: Add the alcoholic ingredients (the best bit)
Shake 6: Shake and strain over ice.

And enjoy!

Dark ‘n Stormy


Tall, dark and very very handsome (we’re describing the cocktail, not you). But this cocktail gives you that mysterious edge and drinking rum gives you a hipster coolness that not even a beard can achieve.

50ml Gosling’s Black Seal rum
12.5ml Lime Juice
1 Squeezed Lime
100ml Ginger beer

Step 1: Squeeze one lime wedge on to a glass of crushed ice
Step 2: Add ½ lime juice and 100ml of ginger beer.
Step 3: Pour 50ml of Gosling’s Black Seal on top of the ginger beer and garnish with limes.

Simple yet seductive. We’ve gone weak at the knees.

Fancy becoming a cocktail connoisseur? Give our cocktail masterclass a go and mix it up behind the bar Revolution-style!

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