At Revolution, the highlight of our ‘Vodka Calendar’ is without doubt, the much anticipated, I Love Vodka cocktail menu.

Every year around this time, we celebrate our love of the World’s favourite spirit, by lovingly putting together the legendary ‘I Love Vodka’ menu. Our mission is to get creative with our cocktail creations and embrace the latest super premium vodka offerings from all over the globe. This year we have gone ‘all in’ to bring you our best ever selection of cocktails and vodka.

First up, let’s look at the cocktails. The headline of the season is without doubt ‘The Pornstar’. This is a long legged version of the infamour ‘Pornstar Martini’. Stolichnaya Vanil and passion fruit infused SKYY vodkas, paired with fresh lime juice and passion fruit topped with Bolla Prosecco make for one serious fizzy and flavoursome tipple.

Next up, ‘The Morning Glory’ a legendary ‘pick me up’ amongst bar tenders and mixologists. A double helping of the award winning Chase Marmalade Vodka, a squeeze of orange and then ‘super charged’ with a full can of Red Bull. This bad boy proves that ‘the hair of the bull is the new hair of the dog’ The sharing range has also been boosted with ‘Apple & Vanilla Mojito’ Served in a teapot, a truly creative twist on the classic mojito.

This year however, the highlight of the menu has to be the reinvigorated ‘Vodka Store’. If you didn’t know it, we are a Vodka Bar and this year we have extended our collection and are just thrilled with the final cut. (take a deep breath)

Chase Marmalde and Sipsmith are the first award winning British Vodkas in the store, whilst Sean ‘P Diddy’ Coombes’ ‘Circoc’ and Grey Goose represent the super premiums. We have even gone a bit off the standard vodka map with ‘Snow Queen’ from Kazakstan and Danzka from Denmark making their Revolution debuts. Not to mention Holland’s ‘Effen’ and the Poles latest superstar ‘Belvedere Black Raspberri’

To be honest, there are so many new vodkas (over 40) the best bet is to come and see for yourself!


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