Ready for Mourinho’s rants? Chris Kamara’s on-point presenting? Football season is upon us, and to celebrate we’ve matched some of the league’s biggest teams to their perfect cocktail. Chin-chin.

Chelsea – Classic Manhattan


As smooth as Abramovich and perfectly balanced like their all-star squad, the Classic Manhattan is a natural match for Chelsea. Of course, Mourinho is the Maraschino Cherry on top.

Manchester United – Rob Roy (Dry)


The Rob Roy is a classic cocktail enhanced by a Scottish hero. Sound familiar? We’ve opted for the dry version, to rival Louis Van Gaal’s sense of humour.

Arsenal – Old Fashioned


Arsenal are well-known for their possession play. To enjoy this cocktail, you’ll need a similar drinking style: keep it close, drink it slow.

West Ham – Bellini


Hammers fans are forever blowing pretty bubbles, so we’ve matched them with a pretty, bubbly cocktail of their own.

Manchester City – Blue Moon


“Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.” This cocktail match was a no-brainer. Much like City’s transfer history, Blue Moon recipes are hugely eclectic.

Liverpool – Vodka Martini


Daniel Craig is a big Red, so we couldn’t resist pairing Liverpool with 007’s favourite, the Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred? An all-too familiar feeling for the fans.

Stoke City – Mulled Wine


Could Lionel Messi do it in on cold, wet windy night in Stoke? A warming mug of mulled wine might boost his chances, at least.

Swansea City – The Tom Jones


Two Welsh legends. Need we say more?

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