Crazy inventive and captivating, loved by millions, and guaranteed to have you belting out a chorus or two.

It’s safe to say, our Hero cocktails have been headlining your nights out for the longest time now, and we think they deserve some love.

So with festival season up and running, we’re pairing the superstars of our Heroes cocktails with the famous faces of your favourite festivals over the years.

Adele is our Blackberry Bliss

Blackberry Bliss

No, we’re not saying she’s a bag lady. Our Blackberry Bliss is universally loved, sweet and sharp, so will give you (read: has) a bit of a sharp tongue… Sound familiar?

Served in a wickedly original and down-to-earth style, the only difference between Adele and this drink is that our Blackberry Bliss probably won’t leave you sobbing after a live performance of Someone Like You.


Kanye West is our Bourbon Bad Boy

The ultimate bad boy of the cocktail world meets the ultimate bad boy of the, er, you know, world.

A creamy, biscuity blend of Bulleit Bourbon, Frangelico, half and half, chocolate liqueur, all served with a classic Bourbon biscuit. This blend is SO naughty it’s guaranteed to storm the stage of somebody else’s acceptance speech, refer to itself in the third person, and definitely stop their show halfway through ALL while headlining Glasto with ease.

Katy Perry is our Sweet Dreams

If there’s anything as seriously sweet as the confetti cannons, perfect pop, and genuinely happy vibes of Katy Perry’s Glasto performance, it’s our Sweet Dreams.

Made with the wonderful Ketel One vodka and mixed with Malibu rum, Blue Curaçao, grenadine, pineapple, AND served with a side of Rainbow Drops… This is a neon rainbow of a drink you’re not going to be able to get out of your head. 

Chic is our Strawberry Woo Woo

Let’s be honest, these classic icons of disco deserve nothing less than a complete disco ball of a cocktail.

With Ketel One and Absolut Raspberri vodkas, Teichenné Peach schnapps, strawberries and cranberry juice, our Strawberry Woo Woo is a groovy twist on a classic, and guaranteed to have you Dance, Dance, Dancing like that lil’ Le Freak you really are. 

Florence & The Machine is our Garden Reyka

Our Garden Reyka may look dainty, but this cocktail certainly packs a punch thanks to potent Reyka vodka and plenty of Red Bull Tropical Edition. It’s attitude and flair alone make it a fitting mix for any Florence and The Machine fangirl.

With elderflower cordial, apple juice, and lime added too, this is a sun-drenched cocktail that’s going to have you reaching the high notes of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ in no time at all.


What do you mean you haven’t listened tasted any of these yet?

Rectify that mistake right this second by booking your table, and while you’re at it, check out our cocktail menu. It’s so extensive, we’re basically got a delicious drink for every musician in the world.

Except maybe Nickelback, ’cause come on, that’s basically impossible.

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