Let’s meet at the piazza. Stroll hand in hand through balmy streets until we stumble across that little place where locals huddle over tables, knocking back espressos. We’ll go in. Order from a well-worn menu. Lobster Ravioli for you, Margherita Napoli for me, all washed down with a fruity Prosecco. Saluti!

Alternatively, come to Revolution and order from our new Summer Specials menu. We have it on good authority that it’s a slice of Italian heaven.

We went on a journey. We returned with THIS. We’ve traversed the streets of Milan. Scoured the markets of Rome. Embraced the rustic charm of Naples, and gorged on an eye-popping amount of food along the way. Our Summer Specials menu is the result of one unforgettable Italian pilgrimage, and my goodness it shows.

We won’t be coy: this menu is to-die for. Campo De’ Fiori Romana packs market-inspired produce onto a thin pizza base. Courgetti Basilica is fresh, fragrant and oh-so healthy, while N’Duja Gnocchi packs a distinctive fiery punch. And that lobster rumour? The one about the Margherita? The glug of sticky sweet Dulce de Leche? ALL TRUE.

So forget the flight. Book yourself a table and salivate over our Summer Specials menu instead.

Check out the dishes here or go ahead a book a table to be one of the first to try them.

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