Jaguar Skills is the craziest DJ we have ever seen, He wears a ninja mask and massive gold chain and plays about 500 songs in one set. He is the ultimate party DJ and a good friend of ours here at Rev Towers. We booked him to play a 15 date tour around our bars last year and he obliterated each and every venue.

Some people say there are students still wondering round to this day in a permanent  stupor repeatedly saying ‘Hooooooo’ after watching him ninja scratch. Basically he is really good. Peep his blog where he posts all the mixes he does for Radio One.  You can also follow him on twitter and facey-b. Go show that ninja some sweet love next time he comes to your town. This mix was created in 2009 exclusively for Revolution Bars and now re-hosted for all the party ninjas out there, to see the tracklisting simply click the link under the player…. HooooOOOOOOooo!!

The Revolution Vodka Ninja Tour Mix By Jaguar Skills (Radio 1) by TheMusicRevolution

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