James Bond is the coolest thing to happen to alcohol since, well – ever.

He could make drinking a puddle look cool, and since alcoholic drinks are already pretty swish in the first place, that makes them PRETTY DAMN COOL.

But James Bond doesn’t drink puddles. He drinks these incredibly classy beverages.

Vodka Martini

craig-martini (1)

We just had to mention this first, didn’t we? Shaken not stirred, obviously. And if we’re being purists about it, James prefers Russian or Polish vodka. So something like Belevedere fits the bill perfectly.

Americano Cocktail


The very first drink ordered by Bond in the “Casino Royale” novel by Ian Fleming. An intriguing mix composed of Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda (007 prefers Perrier to house club soda), it’s a cocktail that has long since lost the popularity it once had.



Another cocktail that made its first appearance in “Casino Royale”, and made it through to the 2006 film adaptation. Named after Bond’s lover (who also happens to be a double agent – the cheeky monkey), this drink calls for a shaken mix of vodka, gin and Kina Lillet.

Scotch Whisky

bond scotch

Moving away from the light spirits, 2012’s Skyfall showed Mr Bond enjoying a wee dram on a number of occasions. He appears to favour The Macallan, but we reckon any well aged  single malt would float James’ boat.


bond beer

Yeah, we were shocked by this one. But 007 can clearly be seen in Skyfall sipping on a bottle of Heineken while in bed. Now, call us cynics, but this might be more down to the ton of money that the beer brand gave to the producers of the film, rather than Mr Bond’s drinking preference. Just sayin’.

White Bordeaux


Just to show that it’s not all about cocktails and beers, Bond enjoys sipping a fine white wine in “Moonraker”. We have yet to find evidence of the secret agent smashing down half a bottle of Lambrini though.



Well, of course Bond loves champagne. His preferred brands are Dom Pérignon, Mouton Rothschild and Taittinger. But, in a bind, he’d probably settle for a Moët.

Want to get your Bond-on without having all the MI6/killing people/scary car chase nonsense? Just learn how to make a Pornstar Martini with our handy guide, get your tux on and wander round the place being all secret agent-y.


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