1. Home Alone: Having a free house isn’t always a good thing. 

There are endless lessons to be learnt from Home Alone but the crucial one is that a free house ain’t always a free ticket to party town. Yes you may have been accidentally left behind  by your excessively large family as they head off on holiday, but head to the bar, it will be much less trouble in the long run.

home alone

2. Elf: Love knows no boundaries
It doesn’t matter if you’re 8ft tall and have a fancy dress fetish, as everyone’s favourite Christmas character Elf shows us, you can still bag the hottie


3. The Grinch: People DO change
Don’t listen to your mum, if there’s one thing The Grinch can teach us it’s that people can change, with a bit of peer pressure.

The Grinch
4. The Goonies: Best mates are all you need
When you’re with your besties anything is possible (Disclaimer: we’re not saying you’ll find the long lost fortune of one- eyed willie EVERY Friday night)
Oh and when in danger, shake what yo’ mamma gave you…

The Goonies

5. Love Actually: There really is a language of love.
What? It’s Christmas! We’re allowed to get a little bit soppy…As Colin Firth and his Portugese housekeeper showed us in this Christmas classic, not speaking the same language ain’t a problem. But most importantly Love Actually taught us that your English accent really will help you pull in America.

Love Actually

And finally one lesson we should ignore:

6. The Gremlins: Don’t eat after midnight
We don’t know about you but we’re almost certain that cheesy chips in the cab ride home cure a hangover.

Gremlins 2

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