If you’re a complete gin lover… Look away now.

Seriously, we’re not kidding. You don’t want to read this. Go read something else instead. We hear Wuthering Heights is decent.

Hey, why are you still scrolling down this page?



You can probably get Wuthering Heights for a quid on Amazon.

Free delivery and everything with Prime.

What do you mean you don’t have Prime?

Honestly, it’s well worth it.  

Still not stopping, huh?

Well, fine.


Yep, that’s right.

According to psychology experts, people who love a bit of gin are guaranteed to be full-on psychos.

The clever researchers from Austria’s Innsbruck University found that people who enjoy bitter tasting food and drinks, like a delicious gin and tonic, are more likely to act in a deceitful, cold, and selfish way – which basically means you’re more likely to be a right ol’ b*stard.


So just how do they know about your cold and selfish ways?

Well, whilst the psychologists could have just had a scroll through your tweets, this was science, so it was much more long-winded than that.

After gathering 1000 people for their study, the researchers asked participants how they ranked a list of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter foods.

The lab-rats were then given personality questionnaires to complete, which measured their levels of aggression, emotional stability, and tendency towards ‘everyday sadism’.

The experiment found that bitter taste preferences tended to agree with statements such as ‘I enjoy tormenting people’.

We wish we were kidding.

The researchers concluded that while most people are put off by bitter tasting things because we associate them with wild, poisonous foods, fearless psychopaths (like your mum who loves a dry Martini) are attracted by the danger.


Now, we think you juniper-loving psychopaths have two options on this one.

You could abandon your favourite tipple and live in the wild, foraging for plants that AREN’T bitter to prevent your psychopath ways from coming to the fore.

Or, you could sod this study, embrace nature and drink all the botanical booze you can get your hands on.


Sound good?

Well, luckily for you, we’ve devoted an entire menu to the spirit of the moment, and you would be completely crazy not to try it.

With beautiful botanicals, inventive mixers, seriously refreshing garnishes and our customary Revolution twist, we just know you’re going to love our new gin specials.

Find your favourite right here in time for the crazy party of our Big Friday Festival Special.

Expect a real good time, big tunes and not a portaloo in sight.

Loving gin makes you a psycho? We say, where’s the tonic?!

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