Thinking of popping the question in 2013 lads? Valentines Day is only a month away and if you thought a quick visit to Elizabeth Duke and a getting on one knee with a limp rose between your teeth would sweep her off her feet then think again!

Our friends at The Stag Company have sent us this compilation of five marriage proposals which raise the bar so high you’ll need to recreate the entire Olympic opening ceremony to meet her expectations. Only then can you let The Stag Company take care of the most exciting side of getting married… you guessed it; setting up the kind of legendary stag weekends that you and your mates have been waiting your whole life for. They’ve got plenty of fantastic stag do ideas to consider (many of which involve a visit to Revolution) and hell, why not bring the marching band and flash mob with you?!

The “Banksy” Proposal – 511,207 views

For the art-lovers among you, you’ll probably have to inform the police of this one before you start out, but it just goes to show graffiti isn’t all bad, but instead can be sweet too.

SURPRIIIISE! Flash Mob Marriage Proposal – 1,589,729 views

Just imagine if she said no to this one? God knows how he put it all together, but it sure makes for a good YouTube hit:

An In-Descent Proposal – 4,225,689 views

A prank, a plane and a proposal all rolled in to one. What could possibly go wrong?

The First Live Lip-Dub Proposal – 17,456,412 views

I have no words… just watch and learn, this guy is pretty much the king of all marriage proposals.

It Only Happens in the Movies! – 25,447,563 views

If the last groom-to-be was the king, I don’t know what it makes this one. 25,447,563 views for managing to stop his girlfriend from watching Fast & Furious 5, this will definitely take you further than the ol’ ‘hole in the popcorn’ box trick!

Thanks to Richard Paul and the team at The Stag Company!

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