Look, we love Instagram.

And if you’re anything like us, you probably spend the first ten minutes of the working day and the last ten minutes of the working day and many many many ten-minute slots throughout the working day just scrolling through #foodporn on Instagram.

But the thing is, we’re all about productivity here at Revolution (lol), so to save you time trying to find the very best #foodporn accounts, here are the foodie Insta’ accounts you NEED to follow right now for a little yum sent straight to your phone.

You’re welcome.


When in doubt, go to @food.

When you want to feel inspired, go to @food.

When you haven’t eaten for what feels like 36 hours but it’s actually just been 36 minutes, well, you know what to do.


Now, because we’re mature adults with an extremely strong sense of willpower, we have definitely not considered licking our phone screen looking at this Instagram in the desperate hope that just one of the 1280 pixels somehow tastes like the pictures.

Definitely. Not.


All hands on deck????

A post shared by Bre Chiero (@hungryhipsters) on

Here we have a New York-based couple who spend their days being loved up, eating delicious food and openly referring to themselves as hipsters.

Yep, we hate them too. But they definitely deserve a follow.


I call this lunch! ? just kidding it’s just the best part of lunch ???

A post shared by LetMeEatCake (@letmeeatcake) on

Would we ever consider leaving the cocktail scene behind to become one of those people who eats desserts for a profession?

*scrolls through @letmeeatcake for ten minutes*

Yeah, we probably would.


It’s safe to say, @infatuation are the definitive authority on what, how and where you should be eating.

And in case it wasn’t already obvious, calorie counters need not follow.


You know when you see something and you just think to yourself, I’ll probably never have something that good in my life, and it leads you to think about the decisions you’ve made up to this point, where it all went so wrong, why you can’t ever be truly happy, was it something your parents did? Was it something they didn’t do? Was it all just your fault? Again? Like everything else?

Well, if you follow @food52, prepare to feel this A LOT.


Made it to the end of this list and suddenly feeling extremely hungry/emotional?

You know what: same. Fortunately, we’re here for you in the best possible way, ’cause all throughout January, we’re giving you 50% off our ENTIRE food menu when you book in advance.

So, once you’ve followed all these amazing Insta’ accounts, get involved, grab your besties, and get that table booked. It’s the #foodporn you need this January, for half the price.

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