When we first embarked on our mission to create a menu devoted to the world’s favourite spirit, we prepared ourselves for our toughest challenge yet.

We got in shape, we did some scientific research, and we even hired Heston Blumenthal to lead some of the creations.

But we quickly learned, you don’t need abs or a bald celebrity chef to get a taste of the party spirit. Instead, you just need a partner in crime like Ketel One vodka, a bunch of Heston’s crazy ingredients, and a WHOLE lot of fun.

To prove it, here’s everything you need to know about our delicious new vodka specials.

Candy Appletini

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being some freak who prefers savory flavours, and 10 being a committed sweet tooth aficionado… We’re sitting at about a 17.

And if you’re in the same sticky, cavity-ridden boat, it’s safe to say you’re going to love our Candy Appletini.

With the crisp sharpness of Ketel One vodka mixed with vanilla liqueur, strawberries, apple, cranberry juice, then topped with Kiwi-Apple Red Bull, this blend is sweeter than your childhood crush and probably won’t abandon you during your emo phase.


The Coke Float

Remember coke floats when you were a kid? Well, this is just like that.

Slurped immediately? Check. Guaranteed to get you giddy? Check. Loaded with plenty of Ketel One vodka? Errr.

Okay, maybe ours is a bit different.

Along with the helping of Ketel One, we’ve also thrown in Luxardo amaretto, Coca-Cola and lime, before topping with an adult-sized portion of squirty cream, all to create a blast from the past with a new boozy kick.

Berried Treasure

You could find all of Blackbeard’s long lost treasure, and it still wouldn’t be as valuable as our delicious new Berried Treasure.*

With shovels of Ketel One vodka and Black Cherry Sour Handcrafted Flavour, then blended with sugar, cherry syrup, blackberries and cranberry juice, this is a frozen frappé that’s as good as gold. 

*Okay, it might be worth more. But it won’t be as tasty!

Keep It Reàl 

Pineapple, Coco Reàl, and passion fruit.

If those ingredients don’t already make it clear – this drink tastes of sunshine. Pure, unadulterated, without-a-hint-of-showers sunshine.

So if you’ve already spent all your holiday savings on mini breaks to Amsterdam and heaven forbid, somewhere in the UK, it’s time to close your eyes, whack on the factor 30, and get a taste of the tropics with our Keep It Reàl.


Parachute pants, boomboxes, and Bananarama. If you think of the 80s and those aren’t the first things on your mind, you’re doing it wrong kiddo.

So much so, we’ve paid homage to the OG girl group, and lovingly combined Ketel One vodka, banana liqueur, grenadine, passion fruit, pineapple and cranberry juice to create a mix that’s fun, fruity, and full of funky 80s vibes – just like them.

WARNING: One sip of this will cause you to sing ‘I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, at your desire’ for at least the next 36 days.

Aperol Cooler

Thanks to the delicious combo of Ketel One vodka, Aperol, orange juice, and apricot syrup, we’ve taken Italy’s favourite flavour, made it perfect for sharing, and given it a refreshing twist.

And we know it’s a bit strange, but we’re not legally allowed to serve you this sharer cocktail without first seeing your passport.

No, no. It’s not anything to do with age. It’s actually ‘cause after one glass of this, you’re guaranteed to be running to the airport looking for the next flight to Sardinia.

Yep, really.


If the thought of these cocktails gets you a lil’ hot under the collar (it happens to the best of us), book your table right now and prepare to get sippin’ on the most creative vodka-based cocktails you’ve ever seen.

Check out the new I Love Vodka specials menu in its full glory right here, ’cause if you love vodka, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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