Hygge is the new Scandi craze taking over our winter.

From warming bowls of porridge to cosy, candlelit living rooms – we’re deciphering some ‘Norse Code’ and explaining all things ‘hygge’. Here’s how you can survive the cold by DIYing this hip Danish trend.

WTH is ‘hygge’?

Hygge is basically the Danes’ way of saying ‘cosiness’ – but that totally doesn’t do it justice. Pronounced ‘HUE-gah’ (like the cough-y noise you make when you clear your throat) the word originates from a Norwegian word that means well-being and also the word ‘hug’. How cute is that?!

It’s all about ‘togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, presence and comfort’. It’s sometimes also called the ‘art of creating intimacy’ – think drinking cocoa by candlelight whilst draped in blankets.

Sounds good enough to us. But of course it does, it’s from Denmark – and this bloody lovely nation brought us Bluetooth, Lego, and those delicious bites of heaven that should so NOT be a breakfast food (a.k.a Danish pastries). So how can you get hygge?

DIY hygge at home

Hygge up your home with some candles

Danes do ‘über-cool yet cosy’ like no other nation. Over there, the average home resembles the centrefold of the Ikea catalogue… Think lots of knitted wool furnishings, natural materials like wood and leather, and lamps artfully positioned to create soothing pools of light. Oh and piles of books bloody EVERYWHERE.

Sounds AMAZE but let’s face it – who’s got the space (or the funds) to splash out on a trendy Danish home makeover? Instead, treat yourself to a few blanket and tealights and be done with it.

Name-drop hygge as much as you POSSIBLY can

‘Nah, I’m not out tonight. I’m going home to get hygge’

‘Mate, that cardigan is so hygge’

‘Can I borrow your lighter? I need to light some candles and make this place more hygge’

Who cares if you can’t pronounce it properly? No one else can.

Leave work early for maximum hygge

Danes have got the right idea – they prioritise time with family, so NEVER work late (which is probably why they always top the list at the happiest nation in the world). There’s a Danish word that doesn’t even exist in English: arbejdsglæde. Arbejde means work and glæde means happiness, so arbejdsglæde is “happiness at work.”

This concept is crucial to the workplace in Denmark – and we think that sounds like the way forward. Get your work/life balance sorted and go home. And when your boss asks why you’re buggering off at 4pm? Simply say “Arbejdsglæde!”.

Upgrade your loungewear, hygge-style

Threadbare blankets just won't cut it!

You gotta get comfy, so invest in some cosy new loungewear; Danes favour anything soft, from practical cotton to the softest of cashmere. You do need to know that your gross holey PJs or a threadbare old blanket just aren’t gonna cut it.

To hygge well, you need thick woolly throws, socks and such – and remember, cool, alpine-y patterns are absolute GOALS (snowflakes, Christmas trees etc.).

Get hygge in your belly

By far, the BEST thing about hygge is the indulgence. Danes encourage the free and frequent consumption of all types of comfort food, so grab yourself a fork and fill up on whatever the hell you like. We say, the dirtier the dinner the better!

Need inspo? Go for anything (and everything) that’s warming, carb-heavy and likely to induce a warm, cosy food coma on the nearest sofa. Burgers, pasta, pizza… For once whatever you love is on the menu. Best. News. Ever.

Now you can indulge (stuff your face) guilt-free, you might wanna browse our food menu. Hungry? You will be.

Basically, if you’re going to hygge, don’t give yourself a hard time for being a onesie-wearing, binge-watching, biscuit-scoffing cabbage – but embrace it. Yay! We bet by now you’re FULLY onboard.
Nobody does comfort food better than us. So, if you want to hygge your way through the rest of winter, head to your nearest Revolution and we’ll help you up your Danish game.

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