Witches, vampires, nurses, we could give you a long list of fancy dress ideas for Halloween, but you’re proper party people, you’ve seen it all before. So we’re thinking outside the box. The type of costumes that you can throw together with a bit of glue and a pack of crayons and yet still make it legendary.

1. This one’s called “Drunk guy makes out with hottest chick at the party.”

All you need is a bit of a cardboard and a printer and you’re guaranteed to pull*

* Disclaimer: You are not guaranteed to pull.


2. The 50 Shades of Grey

It’s easy. You just need loads and loads of paper in different shades of grey and immediately you’ll give off the ‘ I’m so cultured’ vibe.


 3. Only for Kevins

And we have no idea how to make the bacon bit.


4. Ceiling fan

Get it? Get it? Perfect for Halloween parties where conversation isn’t quite flowing.


5. The Cereal Killer

Even better because you can make the most of the cereal boxes you were planning on recycling last month, and the month before that, and the month before that.


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