The sun is setting over summer and it looks like we are currently being thrown headfirst into autumn. It’s been a good one; new friends made, old mates seen, holiday romances blossomed (and then ditched), festivals, holidays and bbqs. And now it’s time to face the darkening months to come. Don’t worry we’re here to prepare you for what lies ahead… and it’s not all bad 😉

1.       Wardrobe woes

You’ve spent all summer in pretty floral dresses, pumps and low cut vests (that’s just the boys) and it’s felt like a part time job getting the perfect summer outfit (festival chic doesn’t just happen you know…) But now you’ve got to delve into the deep dark depths of your wardrobe and pull out winter wools that you wore to death last year.

And if things couldn’t get any worse that beer belly you’ve been working on all summer won’t quite fit in your jeans.

 Silver lining? We promise there is one. In amongst the rubble of your wardrobe you’ll discover some classics. Last year’s fashion officially now counts as vintage…

 2.       The countdown begins

From the beginning of October we can assure you there will be ‘that guy’ in the office or at uni who will already be counting down to Christmas. And more annoyingly insist on telling you the days, hours, minutes even seconds left… (Damn Apple for creating the Christmas countdown app!).

Silver lining? There isn’t one.

3.       I can’t believe it’s 3pm!

 NEWSFLASH: It will get darker at an earlier time.

We know this. It happens every year. It happened when we were little and it will happen when we are old. But still: “OMG have you seeeeeen how dark it is already?!” And we will stare out of the window in sheer astonishment and complain how hard it is to get up in the morning. So, just to warn you, it will happen again this year, and the year after that, and the year after that….

Silver lining: You can go to bars under the cover of darkness without feeling guilty that you’re day-time drinking. Who cares that it’s only 3pm, it’s almost dark, perfectly acceptable time to be having shots!

 4.       In with the new

With a brand new student card, a new beer and cider range, and a new wine menu there’s some exciting stuff going down at your local Revolution bar that you NEED to check out.

Don’t worry we’ve kept the Revolution old favourites and the classics that you love but added more. And we know you’ll love them too!

Silver lining: New beers? New wines? Fresh student card offers? Do we really need to point out the silver lining on this one? #SomethingNew

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