There’s more to St Patrick’s Day than donning your green garments, speaking in an embarrassingly bad Irish accent and putting your cat in a leprechaun suit.

So before you sip your perfectly pulled Guinness or sample one of our special St Patrick’s Day cocktails, have a read of this, because knowledge is power people…

St Patrick was probably not born in Ireland, it’s more likely he came from England. We don’t feel so bad now for pretending we’re Irish on St Paddy’s day.

And while we’re at it, he wasn’t even called Patrick. I know! We’re as shocked as you are!



In Ireland, pubs were closed on St Patrick’s Day up until 1961. Could you imagine the first St Patrick’s Day they were open? Shit. Went. Down.


Popular Irish toasts on St Patrick’s Day, include: “may the roof above us never fall in and may  friends beneath it never fall out”. Now that’s a toast!


The colour of St Patrick’s vestments were actually traditionally blue. The move to green for St Paddy’s probably happened because of the colour of shamrocks and Ireland’s nickname as The Emerald Isle. Quite frankly we’re glad they ditched it. Green brings out our eyes.

One of the miracle rumours said to be down to him was driving the serpents out of Ireland…


Ever been pinched by annoying passer-by for not wearing green on St Patrick’s Day? Blame Irish legend for this. Some believed that wearing green would make you invisible to leprechauns, who would pinch you if they got the chance. Those pesky leprechauns.


An old saying goes ” There are only two types of people on earth: the Irish, and those who wish they were Irish.” And this weekend we couldn’t agree more. Now where’s my “Luck of the Irish” t-shirt?

We’ve got a whole host of St Patrick’s shennanigans going on alllll weekend (yeah, we know, we’re pushing this as far as we can….) which include some very special Irish cocktails and a pot o’gold at the end of a rainbow… ok, maybe not that but the cocktails are seriously good.

See you at the bar!


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