At long last, festival season is back in our lives with amazing headliners, mild sunburn, and all-night parties in every sun-kissed pocket of the country.

But let’s be real, we don’t really need to tell you this, you’re only just starting to recover from Glastonbury, right? Yeah?

Oh. You missed out on a ticket? After 14 hours of trying?

You know what, that’s fiiine, Glasto really isn’t all that. We take it you’re going to the final year of Secret Garden Party instead? Maybe Bestival then? Or heaven forbid, V Fest?

Okay, this is worse than we thought. But we’re not just gonna abandon you like all your friends evidently have. Instead, like the ending of a cheesy 80s rom-com, we’re going to take the festival, and bring it to you.

Yup. That’s right. So sit back in a foldable chair you’re guaranteed to fall through, round up some warm cans of lager, and relax to our playlist of the 50 AMAZING artists you’re missing out on this summer.

And for the love of God, with all these acts playing in the UK, just bag a ticket to ANY festival ASAP.

Now, if you really CBA getting muddy at a festival this summer, you can hear loads of these bangers right here at our Payday Friday extravaganza!

We’re celebrating the arrival of Friday and his generous pal payday with delicious cocktails, outrageous offers, AND if you bring a lime into your nearest Revolution, we’ll swap it for an ice-cold Corona!

Go on, what are you waiting for? Book a table and come have a completely sub-lime night!

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