Did anybody else want to throw themselves through the screen when Simba eats those bugs in The Lion King

A little bit? Yes? Surely it can’t just be us?

Look, we’re not weird okay. It’s just that animation has some pretty strong suggestive powers, especially when it comes to food.

Don’t believe us? Well, sit through all these delicious-looking pixels and just try telling us these don’t make you as hungry as real food. So good, you can almost taste it.

1. When this bountiful buffet of meat and fish was served in Spirited Away…

Seriously, it doesn’t matter that you can’t really tell what’s-what with this gyrating buffet, it makes our mouth water just looking at it.

And with that in mind, we’re starting a petition to make all real-life buffets gyrate like this one in Spirited Away. If you wish to support us and get this very important topic debated in Parliament, please sign our petition.

You tried to click that link, didn’t you?

2. Any and all times the divine and mysterious Krabby Patty is mentioned in Spongebob Squarepants…

More than a burger, the Krabby Patty has been an icon in Bikini Bottom for more than 15 years, and if we’re honest, we just want to know what makes it the best burger around.

So if you happen to know the secret formula, we’ll pay good money (£2.46) for a sneak peek.

3. When literally every grub in The Lion King hypnotised you…

Right. We’re definitely not saying those bugs from The Lion King looked appetising. No. Come on? They are creepy crawlies. Only Bear Grylls and lads on a gap yah to Thailand happily eat bugs.



When we watch it again…

Those bugs…

Just look…

So juicy…

So sweet…

So moreish…

That we want a diet solely of Lion King bugs. Give us the bugs, Simba. We want the bugs.

4. The moment Lady & The Tramp made you dream of spaghetti (and true love)…


The spaghetti and meatballs looks amazing! And honestly we know you’re only jealous of the food here! Right! Having a real connection with another member of your species! Sounds good on paper! But you imagine it’s overrated really! Ha ha! Right! Right?!

5. When you seriously considered sticking your face into a beehive because Winnie the Pooh made honey look so DAMN good…

Bee stings. They’re not that bad, are they? A bit of an itch here. A bit of a swollen face there. A small chance of fatal injury. Yeah, not too bad all things considered.

So with that in mind, if you want us, we’ll be digging our hands into a beehive and getting all that lovely hunny, ’cause as far as we’re concerned, Pooh definitely makes it look worth it.

6. Every single dessert from the ‘Be Our Guest’ scene in Beauty and the Beast

How do we know that Beauty and the Beast isn’t a true story?

Is is the magic? Nah. Gaston’s magical arms? Hmmm. The way that Belle falls in love with a creature who imprisons her? Not even that.

It’s the fact that Belle, right there, in that gif, is not devouring those desserts like you eating a kebab on a Saturday. That right there is just not realistic. Now, dance to us, you delicious desserts.

7. And obviously, every single doughnut in The Simpsons

*salivates from scrumptious animation*

Homer Simpon and doughnuts. Name a more iconic duo.

We’ll wait.


Oh, delectable animation, how hungry must thou maketh us?

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And with lunch deals like this, you need to book a table ASAP and prepare to feel as happy as Homer with his doughnuts. Well, almost.

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