We can’t deny it anymore – did we ever?! – we LOVE a good Christmas ad. 2016 has been no exception, so we’ve decided to round up a seasonal selection of the latest and greatest new Christmas ads. We’ve also given them a bit of a review and even rated them Revolution-style.

John Lewis

Every year, this is the big one – easily the most anticipated advert of the advent season. For 2016, the big wigs over at John Lewis decided to feature fuzzy woodland creatures, a bouncing boxer dog and a (now) much sought-after trampoline on their unusual Christmas ad. Don’t get us wrong – jumping animals did bring a smile to our faces. But we were counting on John Lewis to get us right in the feels again, and this ad doesn’t quite live up to the tear-inducing, heartwarming, want-to-give-the-world-a-hug standards that we’ve come to expect from this retail giant.

Revolution rating: 7/10



Now HERE’S a Christmas ad. Not only does it feature all the festive must-haves – the carol singing, the snow, and a child’s dreams fulfilled – but it serves up a hefty dose of quirky originality too. Starring the ever-brilliant Adrien Brody and directed by the weird-and-wonderful Wes Anderson, H&M’s Christmas ad is bang on the right side of cheesy and we bloomin’ love it. BRAVO!

Revolution rating: 10/10


We were huge fans of Mog the Cat last year, so Sainsbury’s had to pull it out of the bag for 2016 to win us over again. Given the meteoric rise of funnyman James Corden, we think he was an inspired casting choice for the supermarket’s animated Christmas ad. But honestly? Although we love its cheery musical style and annoyingly catchy chorus, we got a bit bored by the end.

Revolution rating: 6.5/10

Amazon Prime

We’re going to come right out and say it: this is a Christmas ad WIN for Amazon Prime. This terrific tale of an interfaith friendship between an Imam and a vicar is simple, warm-hearted, and captures the festive spirit perfectly. Cutesy, clever and cultural – you can count us in as major fans.

Revolution rating: 9/10


This year’s festive ad from Burberry may be a little dark and sombre, but heck does it win some serious style points from us. Featuring an all-star cast and directed by Asif Kapadia (of Amy and Senna fame), The Tale of Thomas Burberry makes a refreshing change from the usual tacky Christmas fodder. We like. We also think the fashionable Mr. Burberry himself might be partial to one of our seasonal cocktails, the Black Forest Frappé – and we’ll give you three guesses why. 

Revolution rating: 8/10


What do you think of this year’s Christmas ads? Hit us with your thoughts folks, we always wanna hear ’em!

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