We are very close to the big day. By now, you’re either kicking back supping on some creamy Baileys in front of your fire wearing a turtle neck or stressing the f*ck out running round town smacking kids with your bags hunting down those Simpsons socks that everyone seems insistent on buying each other. Here at HQ, we are feeling very festive so we’ve decided to share our top 5 alternative Christmas party boogie cuts. We’ve all heard the same old seasonal music loads and let’s face it, there isn’t an abundance of new stuff out there… Anyway, Seasons greetings y’all. Be good to each other x

1. Doritos Mariachi Band- Stay Another Day

Amazing cover of East 17 with a funny viral video by Doritos. These guys played at one of our bars once.

2. The Waitresses- Christmas Wrapping

80’s Christmas classic with plenty of horns

3. DJ Yoda Christmas Mini mix

5 mins of festive mash up. Nuff said

4. Darlene Love- All Alone On Christmas

Our favourite track from both Home Alone soundtracks. Big Motown style banger with an ace Sax solo (we really like Sax)

5. Louis Armstrong- Cool Yule

Big band sounds from the New Orleans Jazz pioneer. Can’t help but get a warm feeling inside when you hear this.

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