Jeez, we seem to be doing a lot of these of late. So many influential artists seem to be leaving this world. Gil Scott Heron transcended the moniker of ‘Influential Artist’ to being widely regarded as a Revolutionary. He pretty much laid down the blue print for what we now know as contemporary Hip hop and MCing culture and will be sorely missed. He is cited by hundreds of artists as a major inspiration and a voice for change in the racial hot pot of America throughout the last thirty years.

He remained prolific right up to his departure and had recently collaborated with Jamie XX on an album entitled ‘We’re New Here’

It was a shame that he couldn’t get help for his crippling drug addiction and this was apparent even when I saw him in concert last year. A frail stubborn old man worn down to his bones by cocaine and heroin. The photo in this post was taken by a close friend of mine at the concert in Manchester. See more of his incredible work here and here

You will be sadly missed. RIP GSH. A fitting tribute which puts into words what we can’t can be found here

Here are four of our favourite Gil records.

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX- ‘I’ll Take Care Of U’

Gil Scott-Heron- ‘Legend In His Own Mind’

Gil Scott-Heron- ‘Your Daddy Loves You’

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson- The Bottle


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