Christmas is a time for spreading cheer.

And by ‘spreading cheer’, we’re mean ‘drinking loads of cocktails’. After all, once you get to a certain age, Christmas becomes less about presents are more about partying, right?

We’ve mixed up a selection of awesome Christmas cocktail specials that will absolutely sleigh your senses.

Get ready for a proper Christmas party.

Scrooge Driver


Scrooge spent a whole night chatting nonsense with a bunch of ghosts to feel the Christmas spirit. If you’re looking for a shortcut, get one of these down you.

A refreshing mix of Stoli vodka, amaretto, orange juice, lime and cinnamon syrup that’d make the Grinch smile.

Snow White Russian


We took everyone’s favourite milky cocktail and dialled up the indulgence in time for Christmas.

Stoli vodka with Tiramisu flavoured vodka, Frangelico, half and half, chocolate sauce and cream.

Festive perfection.

The North Polaroid

Christmas Cocktail Images 7

This cocktail wouldn’t be the same without you. Literally.

Stoli vodka, amaretto, cherry syrup, strawberry purée, pineapple juice and lemon, garnished with edible glitter and your own personal polaroid.

Talk about feeling snap happy.

Black Forest Frappé

Christmas Cocktail Images 5

Get lost in the woods in the best way possible with this enchantingly fruity beauty.

Stoli vodka blended with Raspberry flavoured vodka, Cherry and Black Forest gateau syrups, half and half and blackberries.

It’s a total snowstorm of festive flavours.

Young, Free & Jingle

Christmas Cocktail Images 1

Jingle all the way to a quality night out with this sharing cocktail.

Stoli vodka, Chambord, amaretto, cherry syrup and lemon juice mixed with Rekorderlig Spiced Plum cider.

Just add friends.

If looking at these beauties hasn’t got you in the Christmas spirit, there’s only one way that will.

Book a table with us and try them yourself. You know you want to. Especially when you can grab two for the price of one during Happy Hour.

They’re guaranteed to get you feeling merry in no time.

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