So, the festive season is just around the corner and the usual Yuletide insanity is about to go off like a massive cracker. But amid all the great bits like drinking for three weeks straight and eating more food than a small herd of elephants, there are some things about Christmas that should be thrown straight onto a roasting fire.


 In your mind it’s all romantic log cabins, David Beckham and whispered sweet nothings. In reality it’s your mums living room, dodgy uncle Dave and innapropriate touching.


The Christmas Jumper


“Oh, look how quirky and fun-loving I am in my festive sweater. Am I not just the most hilarious person you have ever met?” No. No you are not.


Secret Santa


Because an Impulse gift set is EXACTLY what I have always wanted.


Christmas Albums


The Crazy Frog Last Christmas EP anybody? Or maybe David Hasselhoff’s seminal The Night Before Christmas?

Didn’t think so.







The queues. The panic. The lack of any suitable gifts for anyone ever. WILL IT NEVER END?


It’s enough to make you go full-Scrooge on the situation. But fear not! At Revolution we focus on the actual good festive stuff like tasty food, ace drinks and serious partying. Book your Christmas party venue right here, or speak to one of our party planners today.

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