It’s that time again. Brand. New. Cocktails. Are. Coming.

And this time? The menu’s loud. It’s lit. And it’s quite unlike anything else you’ve ever seen – or tasted! – ever before.

We’ve remixed rhythm and blues with a lotta booze, thrown in some house beats, classic hits and some super funky tropical vibes.

You’re gonna love ‘em, so fancy a taster? Here’s a SNEAK PREVIEW SAMPLE of the tracklist before we’ve even pressed play!


Dark 'N Stormy

The steeped-in-history Dark ‘N Stormy, containing Gosling’s Black Seal rum and ginger beer, is a classic for a reason. The drink itself is trademarked by Gosling’s, so if it contains a different rum it ain’t a Dark ‘n Stormy – and, if you call it one, those guys will come after you.

They are fiercely (almost pirate-like!) protective of their drink, as well they should be. Gosling’s is an exceptional rum, dark, syrupy and smoky and, as with pretty much all rum stories, it started with the sailors.

The cocktail’s name (apparently) comes from an old fisherman who described the tempest that occurred when the rum floated over the ginger beer as “a cloud only a fool or a deadman would sail under”. Kinda creepy, but DAMN does it taste good.

Having graced our menus several times over the years, this time round we’ve stuck it in a fancy glass with its very own oar (or a wooden stirring stick, whatevs) to row you outta danger. Hoist the anchor mateys, let’s roll!


Sour Berry Ice Blast

Slushy with a hint of fizz, beautifully berry flavoured and bluer than Eiffel 65’s 1999 hit Blue Da Ba Dee (da ba di)…

We all know what really makes a trip to the cinema worth the eye-wateringly high prices and the awkward bumping of elbows when you’re sat next to an abnormally broad-shouldered stranger. And it’s not the film.

Well, we’ve FINALLY made our very own take on the brainfreeze-inducing treat – and ours lasts longer than the trailers. Made with Black Cherry Sour and Lemon & Lime Revolution Handcrafted Flavours, Blue Curaçao, cherry and green apple syrup, raspberries and apple juice.

It’s nutritious and delicious. Kinda. So yummy, the good people at Blackpool Pleasure Beach have even gone and named a bloody ride after it?!*

(*Ride may have been built prior to cocktail being named. In fact, we think we might have went on it when we were little.)


Big Blank Canvas

When it comes to the Blank Canvas – destiny is in your hands. We do some of the work, starting you off with an original Vodka Collins (Ketel One vodka, lemon juice and sugar, topped off with a dash of soda), but then it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Use the pipet to create your own blend, choosing from our range of outstanding Handcrafted Flavours. You know, the totally tropically tasty Mango & Pineapple, or the rather cheeky Very Cherry…

Or why not go wild with some XXX Chilli? You can take your chances… It just might taste, ummm, alright?

THIS time round, we’ve upped the ante – and made our classic Blank Canvas BIGGER, better and BOOZIER than ever. That’s right – it’s BACK on the menu – but this time, as a sharer! So, set free your inner artiste and come paint a pretty pitcher. Geddit?

SO, cocktail lovers. Wanna get a taste of our brand spanking new TURN IT UP cocktail menu? We BET you do…

Book a table for next week (hint, hint: Tuesday’s looking good!) and be the FIRST to try it!


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