This summer, we want to get hot.

No – not the phew, it’s so hot I’m starting to sweat profusely kind of hot. We’re talking about the smooth, metaphorical kind.

You know – the kind that makes Nelly want to take his clothes off. Or the kind that Snoop Dog will tell you to drop. The kind of hot that means the party has reached it’s absolute peak. That’s what we’re after this summer.

And here’s how we’re doing it. We’ve teamed up with Ketel One premium vodka to produce our most sizzlingly tempting set of cocktail specials yet.

It’s a big deal. Check them out below.


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Here’s a pair of bagged beauties that are absolutely made for turning up the summer heat.

On the left, we have Zest on the Beach, a blend of Ketel One vodka and Cointreau with passion fruit purée, elderflower cordial and San Pellegrino Limonata. Totally tropical and utterly mouthwatering.

On the right, that’s the Bonbon Blush, a fruity mix of Ketel One vodka, Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur  with raspberries and watermelon syrup, topped with apple juice and a squeeze of lime.


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Hold tight. This one is so berry-licious it might bowl you over. Ketel One vodka and our own Sour Berry flavoured vodka with blackberries, passion fruit purée, Coco Real and pineapple juice, garnished with half a passion fruit.


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Ice, ice baby. Ketel One vodka and our own Peach flavoured vodka with grenadine syrup and orange and lemon juices, topped with a fruit salad of raspberries, orange and passion fruit. That’s like, all of your five a day in one drink! Kind of…


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Ketel One vodka and Licor 43 mixed with guava purée and watermelon syrup, topped with Red Bull Orange Edition and garnished with a grapefruit wedge. When the summer heat gets too much, this is exactly the kind of ice cold refreshment you need.


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Grab a partner and buddy up for a proper tea party. A large serving of Ketel One vodka, Midori and Cointreau with lashings of lemon juice, topped up with Appletiser and served with a lemon and mint garnish. This is exactly what your summer is looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Book a table and get sipping on some premium cocktails.

Especially since all of these specials and loads of other cocktails from our main menu are available at two for the price of one from Sunday – Monday 5 – 9pm (excluding sharer cocktails).

Summer is about to get HOT.

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