We all know that [insert UK city with a Revolution Bar here] is totally the best party city in the UK but what about the rest of the world. We’ve put together a list of the 15 greatest party cities outside the UK.

15. Bangkok


There’s a Hangover film about Bangkok for a reason, we recommend visiting the Sky Bar for it’s amazing panoramic views of the city.

14. Dublin

temple bar

Tour the Guinness factory during the day, for you know… research. Then head to the Temple Bar area of the city for a wild night out.

13. Prague


Prague is one of the biggest party destinations in Europe. Cheap flights make it the perfect place for a winter weekend break with your mates, just remember to take a coat.

12. Sydney


There’s not many better places in the world to bring in the New Year. Drink before you head out though, Sydney’s expensive.

11. Amsterdam


Its world famous cafes and Red Light district make Amsterdam a truly unique city to party in, just don’t try and ride your bike home.

10. Los Angeles


Whilst the fancy LA bars close relatively early, the Hollywood Hills house parties don’t finish until dawn. Tip: Save money on flights by coming to our next Big Weekend this Bank Holiday weekend, it’s all about West Coast cool.

9. Cancun


Made famous by the yearly migration of US college students for Spring Break, the Mexican city has everything for a great party by the beach.

8. Budapest


Like Prague, Budapest is perfect for a short winter break. The ruin bars of the city are something you have to visit once in your life, the most famous of which is called Szimpla Kert.

7. New Orleans

new orleans

New Orleans is most known for Mardi Gras but the city’s culture, music and architecture make this one of the fanciest places to party.

6. Koh Phangan

full moon

Many of Thailand’s island are no longer a tranquil paradise for travellers (thanks DiCaprio) but there’s something to be said about dancing on the beach with thousands of tourists from around the world during a Full Moon party.

5. Goa


Goa was first popularised by hippie travellers in the 60’s so expect psychedelic beach parties and a chilled out party vibe.

4. Barcelona


In Barcelona, the locals eat at midnight, start partying at 1am and sleep in until noon. What’s not to love?

3. Berlin


Berlin’s nightlife can hold it’s own against any other city’s in the world. The nightlife is varied, the people are wild and the club scene is amazing.

2. Vegas


Sin City. The Hangover. What happens in Vegas… there’s a reason it’s always this place. Bring some extra money for when you inevitably lose on roulette.

1. Ibiza


The party capital of the world. Ibiza is home to the best DJ’s and the biggest clubs in the world.

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