Weekday lunchtimes are always a bit of a letdown.

It’s sad, but true. What is supposed to be your midday retreat into a world of flavour usually ends up being a reluctant stroll into a lane of refrigerated £3 meal deals.

Why does this happen every time? Can’t a weekday lunchtime just hit the mark for once?

Let’s take it step by step and see where we’re all going wrong.

‘It’s a new day, and I’m going to treat myself to healthy, delicious lunch’

‘Today is all about positivity. Just got to work for a couple of hours and then it’s food time’

‘Wow. Is that clock working? It’s felt like 3 hours, how is it only 9.30am?’

‘Hang in there. This will be worth it for that totally delicious…er… meal deal salad’

‘Lunchtime! Where am I gonna go?’

‘Do I really want a packaged salad for that price?’

‘Forget being healthy. I’ve worked hard. I deserve something tasty’

‘That restaurant looks great! Perfect!’

‘Who am I kidding? There’s no time for a proper meal’

‘What now then? I’ve used up half my lunch break deciding what to eat!?’

‘I’ve got 10 minutes left. Lukewarm sausage roll it is’

‘ That was unsatisfying. I’m starving again.’

‘Oooh, you brought cookies?! I can’t have those, I’m dieting.’

‘Screw it, I’m starving. Give me three’

‘I hate myself again.’

It’s the cycle that cannot be broken, and weekday after weekday you’ll keep on settling for a really average, largely depressing lunch.

If only there was a way to guarantee incredible food that’s freshly cooked on your lunch break?

Hmm….if only there was some kind of super-establishment capable of such a feat?

You see where we’re going with this. Our 15-minute lunch promise means that you can order certain items on our menu that we know we can cook in less than a quarter of an hour.

And if we take any longer, you can have it for free.

It’s the only way to make your lunch time dreams come true.

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