Food comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are delectable, and some of them are well….just a bit gross really.

Whatever taste sensation you’re after, you can guarantee that someone, somewhere in the world is serving it up.

Don’t believe us? Check out these intense food markets, which offer up a little more of the weird than the wonderful.

Bollaro Market, Palermo, Sicily

This here is a totally traditional Italian market, unblemished by having to bend to the whims of tourists. Accordingly, it’s still worth it for vendors to serve up sliced spleen sandwiches to locals who are up for odder flavours.

La Merced Market, Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican food is bursting with insanely fresh and lively flavours, and no where does it better in the world than at this market, where you can buy every kind of chilli you can think of, as well as an abundance of ready-to-eat tortillas, quesadilla and every other kind of -illa you can think of. Spicy.

Nishiki Market, Kyoto, Japan

For those looking for truly peculiar flavours, look no further than this Japanese food market. In addition to pretty much every fish you can think of, you’ll even be able to eat caramelised squid on a stick, if that’s what you’re into. Or you can just go ahead and eat a whole one alive. Yeah, that’s a thing there too.

Wangfujing Market, Beijing, China

Here, you can get pretty much anything deep fried on a stick, from seahorse to starfish to snake to scorpions. Whilst their ‘eat absolutely anything that moves’ policy might seem a little sadistic by our standards, you know how the saying goes – When in Rome, eat deep fried dung beetles!

All over the place, Mumbai, India

Food is such an integral aspect of Mumbai life, there are street food vendors dotted all around the city. Here you’ll find all manner of deliciously spiced on-the-go snacks from Dosas to Pav Bhajis, but what’s perhaps most notable about this market is that the majority of food on offer is vegetarian. Now THAT’S progressive.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt from this brief foray into the world’s most intense street food markets, it’s this…

People are willing to eat literally anything.

If you fancy eating something that’s guaranteed to make you feel good, check out our food menu and join us for an awesomely delicious meal.

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