Ah, remember summer?

It was sunny for about an hour and a half so we bathed in factor 30, spent £200 on a bikini we will never wear in public and actually considered shaving our legs.

But there are some people who summer way better than us. We could all learn a lot from the people who live in Britain’s best seaside party towns. Not only do these guys really know how to party, they pretty much invented the good old fashioned British summertime. So stick a hanky on your head and grab some coppers for the arcade, because we do love to be beside the seaside.*


They eat 2,000 ice creams a day on average (between all of them, not each.) And they enjoy 7.7 hours a day of sunshine. So, what the hell are we all doing being somewhere else?



Apart from the killer seagulls, Brighton is pretty much the perfect place. BBQ on the beach, stroll around the Laines and chat to some proper free-thinking party people. Seriously though, watch out for the seagulls.


It might be the UK’s rainiest city but it’s by the sea so it’s on our list. Not just that though, you can also get Welsh cakes, Welsh rarebit and other things that are Welsh that we can’t spell. It’s also Wales’ official home of partying (soz Cardiff) so bring your dancefloor A-game.



So we Googled Southampton and found this thing: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Southampton. It was right in that we didn’t know them, but they weren’t interesting. So we made up our own. Did you know that there are more Simply Red fans in Southampton then anywhere in the world? Go, see for yourself.


There are 53 places in the world called Plymouth but our one was the first. It’s a pretty historical place with bags of culture and also the busiest fishing port in the country. Literally, every day is a school day with this blog.



We love you Blackpool but you’re a bit weird aren’t you? That doesn’t stop us from blowing up an inflatable penis and having the actual time of our lives on your seafront. Blackpool really is the ultimate seaside destination. And as soon as the sun comes out for more than ten minutes we are on our way.

*You might have noticed that all the cities in our list have a Revolution bar. Well, isn’t that a lovely coincidence?

If you want to be beside the seaside, then visit one of these coastally cool Revolution bars! Get ready for some beachy vibes and brilliant partying… And book a table today!

SEA you there!

LOL. Sea what we did there?


We’ll stop now.

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