The festive season is in full swing and life is pretty much party central right now (as per usual, right?). But there is one night that never fails to take the party spirit to the next level; New Year’s Eve.

Yes, the annual night of champagne, awkward hugs and trying to sing along to Auld Lang Syne is once again upon us. And you know what makes the party tick along ever so nicely? This lively bunch:

The ‘drinks are on me!’ guy


Okay, he’s only doing it to flash the cash but are we gonna complain? Nah.

Your friend who always dances like no one is watching…



…and just epic dance heroes in general


Seriously, we could watch them ALL night.

The person you just met who instantly becomes your soul mate

step brothers

This is the start of a beautiful (drunken) friendship.

THAT guy


Where have you been all my life?!

The super-happy midnight hugger


Don’t ever let me go! …Okay, let me go now this is getting awkward.



Because, y’know, you are TOTALLY AWESOME.

All these types of people (and loads more epic individuals) will be at Revolution for the New Year’s Eve party. Want to be there too? Get it booked right now, you party animal.

Get your party started
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