Pre-drinks and drinking games – name a more iconic duo.

When you roll up to your mate’s flat at 9pm on the dot, freshly washed North Face t-shirt on, hair neatly combed, new pack of Extra Spearmint Gum to hand and a large bottle of Glen’s voddy under your arm, you’re thinking one thing: where the drinking games at.

So we’ve rounded up all the best drinking games so you don’t have to.

Jenga – 5/10

Nah, hang on, this ain’t Aunt Brenda’s 70th birthday shindig at the local Cricket Club, uni students don’t play Jenga. Or do they?

When you add some bangin’ tunes, energetic adolescents and alcoholic beverages into the mix you’ve got yourself a pretty passable pre-drinks game. 5/10 from us.

Paranoia – 6/10

Want to turn the atmosphere at pre-drinks from fun and friendly to super-hideously-awkward- avoid-eye-contact-at-all-costs-and-cut-the-tension-with-a-knife? Of course you do! Enter: Paranoia.

You whisper a question to the person next to you and they have to answer by pointing to someone in the group. If the person you point at wants to know what the question was, they drink. Likely to call extreme discomfort and end in tears. Let’s play!

Beer pong – 6.5/10

Give a group of lads and lasses some plastic cups, beer and a ping pong ball and keep them entertained for hours on end. Beer pong is a certified legend on the drinking games roster, but it loses points for unoriginality.

WARNING: if you’ve got 0 hand-eye coordination you may want to sit this one out, or risk drinking your bodyweight in lukewarm beer. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Flip cup – 7.5/10

This game shouldn’t be fun. It just shouldn’t. But it is.

Two teams line up facing each other, with a ¼ cup of beer in front of them. Each person has to chug their beer and flip their cup right side up on the table. First team to do it wins. Big whoop.

But, take it from us, it’s one of the greatest tests of skill, speed and accuracy ever created. We could play dat sh*t all night (and we do).


Never have I ever – 8/10

You’ll start off tame. Never have I ever read a single Harry Potter book. Never have I ever put gum under a table. That sort of carry on.

Then things will get slowly weirder. Never have I ever tasted dog or cat food. Never have I ever picked my nose and ate it. The warm-up rounds.

Then, out of nowhere, the curveballs start coming thick and fast. Never have I ever been sick on someone and blamed someone else. Never have I ever kissed a relative for more than 3 seconds. Never have I ever sharted in a public place.

Things get super awks. And, this right here is a pre-drinks you’ll never forget.

Ring of Fire – 10/10

The undisputed king of drinking games. All you need is a pack of cards, a jug and the desire for things to get absolutely wild.

The mark of a university degree? Being able to recite ALL the rules of ring of fire in your sleep.

Ace – waterfall. Two – you. Queen – question master. It’s just about the only thing we remember from uni, actually…

But the ultimate power play?

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