The Clubbing Commandments

1. Mind where you grind

Take a look who’s behind when you grind. You might be pulling out your best attempt at twerking or showing off your squat-challenge-thighs with a slut drop . But where are those creeping hands coming from? Don’t assume it’s a tall, dark, handsome stranger. Chances are it’s a dancefloor gremlin.

2.       Buy don’t try

Do not give in to temptation to mine sweep. Last orders may have been called. The lights are on and your student loan isn’t coming in for a few days. We’re not here to lecture you on the dangers, you know them. What we are here to say is… it’s skank.

3.       Put your phone away and let the DJ play

The tunes are amazing, the atmosphere is electric, you’re with your best mates and your arm’s aching from holding your phone up. No one will want to watch that video on Facebook.  Put the phone away and enjoy the night, and not through a screen the size of your palm.

4.       Friendly flyerers

We’ve all done it. Eyes down, hands in pockets, and the only words we can muster to a flyerer is NO. But don’t ignore them. Not only have they probably just left the club early to earn a tenner (and therefore deserve our respect) but tomorrow, when you wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by bus, that flyer will be a great reminder of where you’ve been, where you definitely will be hitting again next Saturday and when the 2-4-1 cocktail offers are on

(at Revolution that’s Sunday- Friday 5-9pm …we know you were wondering) 😉

Stick to these simple rules and you’re guaranteed a bloody good night. Trust us. We know how to party.

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