It seems that these days, everything is governed by trends.

Fashion. Technology. Music. Food.

Yes, even food. Apparently our taste buds have diva-like tendencies too. Here’s what they’re currently demanding be put on food menus around the world.

Fermented Veg

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Up until recently, the only thing we’ve been fermenting regularly is wheat, mainly because of its fantastic by-product (beer, of course).

But that’s all about to change, thanks to the influence of Korean and Chinese cuisine. They’re massive on deliciously umami-strong, pungent and powerful flavours, the kind you can only get from fermenting vegetables.

Our Kimcheese burger is perfect example of something you’re used to combined with this totally new, bold flavour, thanks to the help of delicious kimchee (fermented cabbage!).

Vegetable carb-replacement  


One scroll down the average instagram page and you’ll learn that clean eating is pretty much the coolest thing around right now, and carbs are getting a lot of stick as a result.

That’s why you’ll start to see a lot of places using cleverly chopped vegetables as a carb substitute. Sound a bit weird? Try out our courgetti, and you’ll be VERY pleasantly surprised.

Ethical eating

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There was a time when anyone who claimed to be a vegetarian would be met with a barrage of defensively hostile criticism. ‘Eating meat is natural. You know humans are meant to eat meat?! You know you get sick if you don’t?’.

Whatever you think, there’s no denying now that it’s become pretty damn normal to elect meat-free diet. We don’t judge either way. That’s why our menu has plenty of options available for both sides of the fence.

Check out our deep fried Halloumi & Chips and get your vegetarian taste buds excited! Who needs fish, eh?

Ancient grains

Chicken Burrito

No – we’re not talking about those porridge oats that split open in the cupboard 8 years ago that you still haven’t cleaned up.

We’re on about the grains that have sustained ancient civilizations that are making a comeback. Quinoa, spelt, barley, bulgur – it’s down with rice, and up with the nutrient-laden supergrains!

We even used it to stuff our Chicken Burrito. Now that’s a trendy twist.

High-protein delights

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People LOOOOVE hitting the gym these days. But there’s no point shredding your muscle fibres if you’re not going to refuel with some protein so you can build yourself back up.

That’s where high-protein, low-carb meals come into it. Our Chicken Caesar Salad full of anchovies, bacon, blackened chicken and Italian hard cheese will give you just what you need to carve that perfect summer bod.

As you can see, when it comes to keeping up with food trends, our menu is on point.

Keep your taste buds satisfied, and pay us a visit. Here’s the full menu for all your fashionably tasty food needs.

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